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Complaints & Appeals Policy [Learners/clients]

The aim of this policy is to provide a mechanism whereby learners may appeal, question or make enquiry against an assessment decision. Where learners, associates and external clientele may have recourse and a fair procedure for submitting a complaint against Aim 2 Learn and being assured that an amicable, objective and fair solution will be achieved.

Aim2Learn Ltd; values comments made by learners, as they assist us to improve our training provision and customer service.

If you feel you have cause to raise a complaint against Aim2Learn Ltd; your complaint will be heard with impartiality and objectivity. Aim2Learn Ltd; is proud to demonstrate its commitment to upholding the principles of Equality & Diversity by ensuring that no complainant will be treated in an unfair or biased way in respect of age, disability, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, transgender, pregnancy or by virtue of marriage or civil partnership. The ethos of Aim2Learn Ltd; is to ensure consistent, fair and confidential complaint handling and to resolving complaints as quickly as possible. We aim to make it easy for people to make a complaint if they are dissatisfied with any treatment or service they have received and all persons making a complaint will be treated with respect and in confidence.

This procedure will ensure we deal swiftly with any concerns we may receive, so that clients and learners may be confident in our commitment to providing a first class service.

Definition of a complaint

A complaint is defined as any expression of dissatisfaction or grievance made to staff by a learner, client or member of the public in relation to our business.

Recording complaints

All complaints made, verbal or written, will be recorded in the company’s central, electronic data system at the time the complaint is received, or as soon as possible afterwards.

When taking details a complaint, staff will record the name and contact details of the learner / client, as well as full details of the complaint including the date. Details of all communication with the learner and any actions to resolve the complaint will be recorded in the same place.

Recorded complaints will be monitored for any ongoing trends by management and efforts made to resolve any ongoing issues.

Customers’/ learners personal details or details of their complaint will not be divulged to third parties unless we have their written consent.

Communication of progress

We strive to resolve all complaints within seven working days. Written complaints will be acknowledged promptly.

Learners will be given an approximate timeframe for resolution at the time they make their complaint. Learners will be informed of the progress of their complaint regularly, especially if there are any delays or changes to what has been agreed. Dates and details of communication will be held on the company’s central, electronic data system.

Learners/ clients will be informed of any changes to our systems or services as a result of their complaint.

Where appropriate, learners /clients who have had a complaint resolved will be contacted at a later date to see if they are happy with how their complaint was handled.

Responding to complaints

All people making a complaint will be treated with courtesy. Where possible, complaints will be resolved at the first point of contact. If appropriate to the complaint, frontline staff can offer a remedy to resolve a complaint immediately. Complaints will still be recorded.

If the complaint can’t be resolved immediately, the learner will be given a timeframe, a contact person and details of our complaint handling process.

Escalation of a complaint

If a complaint cannot be resolved in the first instance, it should be referred to the Managing Director and the learner will be informed and given an amended timeframe for resolution.

Review of complaint handling and quality procedures

Aim2Learn Ltd; is committed to continuous improvement and this policy will be reviewed regularly (at least every six months) for effectiveness and updated accordingly.

This complaint handling policy is supported by the Directorate of Aim2Learn Ltd. We commit to providing this policy to all staff and ensure that all staff is conversant with its content and implementation.

Process for Academic Appeals

After the results of your assessment and/or examination(s) have been agreed and issued to you formally in a transcript or letter by Aim2Learn Ltd if you feel dissatisfied with your results you can appeal to Aim2Learn Ltd by writing to the Training coordinator (James Hughes) or the Director (Stuart Littlewood). The Academic Appeals Procedures apply to short course, QCF and apprenticeship candidates. You should note that the right of appeal against the academic judgement of examiners must follow the same route. Please note that any disagreement with the academic judgement of an assessor/examiner in assessing the merits of an individual piece of work or in reaching a decision on a student’s progress or on the final level of an award, based on the marks, grades and other information relating to the student’s performance will require the opinion of an external, appropriately qualified person as an addition to the usual appeals process.

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