Aim2Learn, The Training Provider

AIM2LEARN is an Ofsted rated GOOD training provider specialising in funded training courses, with a mission to get out-of-work adults into sustainable employment.


Since 2011, AIM2LEARN has educated thousands of aspiring learners, providing them with life skills, hands-on experience, and sought-after qualifications through government funded training.

Offering both funded and private courses covering a range of subjects AIM2LEARN is a dedicated education provider delivering nationally recognised qualifications and official certification which meet and exceed the requirements for their programmes.

Our leading course AIM2LEARN’s telecommunications network cable education program is an industry dedicated program which awards both official certifications and internationally recognised qualifications. We provide credentials that are sought and required within job role specifications from major infrastructure providers across the UK and beyond.

Why Train With Us?

First-class training facilities in a number of locations making sure we are local to you

You will receive one to one support with our expert tutors throughout your course

We offer 100% fully government funded training courses to remove obstacle’s in your way

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Success Stories

Aim2Learn have long been providing excellent funded training classes in a range of courses. Our mission is get out-of-work adults in our areas of operation into sustainable employment. We keep in touch with our learners beyond their training with us to ensure they’re putting their new qualifications to use. We love when we get great feedback and hear where learners end up. Why not check out some of our success stories by clicking the button below.

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